Marketing SupportNets

Marketing Supportnet Programs

A Marcom Marketing SupportNet program is a single source solution for the creative development, acquisition, production, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution of marketing support materials utilized by a group or business network. The on-line presence of a SupportNet program provides accessibility, support, efficiency and timeliness to a network of dealers, marketers, retailers, members – all essential to the connected world of business.
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Creative Development
Creative graphic design and copywriting. This is where we first develop copy and design of all marketing materials, communication resources and merchandising tools that are compliant to individual corporate standards. The online program itself is given a creative look and feel abiding to all graphic standards.
Programming & Development
The SupportNet program presents all available materials online for easy access. Item details, specifications, and requirements are outlined during the ordering process. Hosting items on a Marcom SupportNet program ensures the entire network of dealers, marketers, retailers, members are using consistent and accurate marketing and advertising material.
The production stage of all items available on the SupportNet program, including inventory items, as well as custom, made-to-order items begins upon receipt of order details. Print production and finishing of communications material.
Marcom Group provides full warehousing, inventory and storage services for all SupportNet items, maintaining complete quality control and accessibility for efficient and quick order turnaround.
Fulfillment & Distribution
SupportNet order items are picked from Marcom shelves and fulfilled across customer networks.
Complete administrative control provides Marcom clients with detailed reports, business analysis, from a countless number of custom reporting options.
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